The story of afar and how this four letter word took on life in the form of a clothing brand  goes like this. Once upon a time not long ago I was holding a steady medi, which means I was in a state of meditation whilst giving  thanks and praises to the creative force for all things. While reading from the scriptures i came upon the word "afar" at the very moment when i said that word, the pronunciation entered my ears with a melodious rhythm, it spoke or sang to me and I listened. I said to myself, I must use this word in some form or fashion, I must do something to share this very experience. From then on I started to write the word in many different ways and style trying to formalize what would eventually be the final look and style of the word "afar".

Making this word/logo visible would be a way in which we could get a message out. The logo is thought provocativeit pulls you in with curiosity, and  you will want to  know what the meaning is.

Because of my love for creation and creating, I chose clothing as the platform we would use to make this logo known to the world. The message is more important; life is a journey so we must travel the distance to afar place, this is what the word afar was saying to me and so this is what it means to us. 

 Life Is A Journey + Travel The Distance = afar

afar Clothing  brand offers an exclusive line of limited edition apparel for the fashion conscious. Our Style: Fashion Forward. Our motto: Life Is A Journey, Travel The Distance.